Dilworth South, Easy Living

Dilworth South, Easy Living


With the Light Rail being just steps away, Dilworth South offers the luxury of being close to everyday conveniences. With two stops within just a few minutes walk, getting
around in the SouthEnd and Uptown area will now become easier. Leave your car at home and ride to work, the local watering hole or even to the next sporting event. You’ve always wanted to live that life, right? So make it happen with the convenience of Dilworth South.

How about groceries? Have you ever been hosting a party and run out of milk, cookies, beer? Problem Solved. With the new and ultra-cool looking Harris Teeter now just two blocks from your doorstep, you’ll be able to get in and out at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s to grab some milk or maybe to meet a friend for a cup of Starbucks, Dilworth South offers proximity like no other.

There is nothing like coming home after a hard days work and kicking back with a cold one. Now you can do that at home by the fire pit or just down the street. With local breweries and watering holes popping up on every corner, you are sure to be close to the action.  Sycamore Brewery is only a third of a mile away.

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